We at Veda & Grace™ are committed to advancing the traditional Ayurvedic supplement of India and making its advantages available to everyone. We use authentic Ayurvedic formulae and ingredients to create our products, which are intended to improve one's cultural, lifestyle, and physical well-being. We are dedicated to offering premium ayurvedic products that promote general well-being since we believe in the ability of Ayurveda to cure and restore.

Veda & Grace™ products meet AYUSH, WHO, GMP & ISO standards, and they instil preservation formulas and ideologies for everyday use.

Our story is 100% transparent

We, the team of Veda & Grace™ , are one of you, and that’s how we deeply understand the problems you face as a consumer. How frustrating it is when you bought and used that supplement to improve your health but ended up with its side effects! Fed up with false claims we resolved to find something that is actually beneficial for the human body and is not too complex and when we finally discovered that golden gem we wanted to share it with everyone. That’s how Veda & Grace™ came to be, to make wonders of Ayurveda reach every nook and corner of the world. Veda & Grace™ is a progressive company with a clear vision. We are an honest, reliable, young and enthusiastic team of dedicated professionals who love what they do! Our team consulted with formulation experts, health professionals and researchers to develop a product line that meets your needs perfectly. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and we don’t bite, we are friendly & cheerful just like you & are willing to help you find the right solution.

Upgrade your daily wellness regime

Veda & Grace™ aims to elevate one’s life by bringing about a healthy change in their:
A. Culture
B. Lifestyle
C. Fitness Wellbeing

Veda & Grace™ is a premium Home-grown Ayurvedic Brand which delivers a surreal experience to its customers.





  • Sourcing the Ayurvedic Ingredients directly from the Himalayas 
  • 100% Pure Ayurvedic Products with higher efficacy 
  • Cruelty-Free, AYUSH Certified, ISO, GMP, and FSSAI Certified. 
  • Sustainable brand
  • No heavy metals used


We want to be a healthy part of our customer’s daily regime. Most of the time we are consuming delicious but not-so-healthy food products all throughout our day. How often do we stop to check whether what we are consuming is healthy or not? The answer is ‘we hardly take notice of it’. But don’t worry we are not asking you to change overnight. Veda & Grace™ simply aims to be that one little effort every individual makes towards being a healthy being. This one small effort will bring a drastic change in their lives. 


Veda & Grace™’s products are prepared with traditional and artisanal knowledge, infusing 100% Pure Ayurvedic herbs, fragrant flowers, and pure essential oils. They are recognized for their excellent quality and are cultivated organically on our own farms, obtained from areas around India. 

Veda & Grace™'s mission is to explore and create ayurveda formulations in natural methods to promote a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. In our packaging, we employ glass and recyclable PET. We have always used biodegradable cartons made of FSC-certified paper for our exterior packing. Instead of plastic bubble wrap, we use recyclable air-filled paper pouches or paper cushions for the contents within the boxes for purchases done online through our website.

Be a Part of this Exciting Journey!